by area, we are the largest no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Western Bulgaria: 27,000 m2
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By area, Every Dog Matters EU (supported by WPX.net) is the largest no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Western Bulgaria (27,000 m2). 

Every Dog Matters EU, a registered nonprofit NGO (Reg. 205679614), was founded by Australian Terry Kyle and is directed by Ivanka Patterson.

Apart from some temporary yards for puppies and emergencies, our smallest yards are roughly 250 m2, 400 m2 and 630 m2 (expandable to 1260 m2) and our largest yard is 1,500 m2 (including 400 m2 of indoor space). 

Visitors to our site are usually amazed by the space the dogs have here and how happy and friendly they are. 

Here our dogs play with each other constantly every day whereas at most tiny-cage, prison-style shelters, the dogs are too depressed, too frustrated and too fearful to play at all.

We hope that shelter operators EVERYWHERE across the world strongly consider switching to the no-cage, open-yard model as the dogs are much happier, healthier, better socialised and more adoptable. 

All that is needed is land – every country has unwanted land – and ambition.

EveryDogMatters.eu is trying to lead the future of rescue dog management with our first no-cage, open yard dog sanctuary.

The Every Dog Matters EU sanctuary approach is very different from most medieval-style prison shelters for dogs because we give our dogs:

– huge open yards that are not overcrowded with dogs (see the videos & pictures on this site)

– very regular walks in the open farmland adjoining our site (many thanks to our generous volunteers too!)

– high quality food instead of the cheapest possible non-nutritional garbage usually given to shelter dogs

– the best possible medical care including preventive care against heartworm etc + orthopedic operations where required

– constant socialisation with people (staff & our growing volunteer hero army), and,

– ongoing efforts to find their loving forever homes

our current projects?

As an organisation, our primary goals are:

[1] building a new quarantine area at our sanctuary site to ensure an even higher level of medical care for our rescue dogs

[2] demonstrating our successful model of no-cage, open-yard animal sanctuaries as the future of rescue animal management for any person or organisation to implement anywhere in the world (visits at any time are very welcome)

[3] rescuing/rehoming/medical care for vulnerable dogs

[4] ongoing castration programs (to reduce the homeless dog population – an unwanted animal can have a terrible life here)

[5] lobbying for changes to legislation (e.g. outlawing keeping dogs on a chain, very common here), then actual enforcement of those laws

[6] education (to castrate, to help animals in trouble, to consider making your office dog-friendly like WPX.net etc, frequent school student visits to our site)

We also have been feeding hundreds of homeless dogs at an abandoned industrial site near the capital since 2016 and co-sponsoring a private shelter in Veliki Preslav for the last 4 years.

You can see some of the daily life at our Kostinbrod (Sofia) sanctuary in the pictures below – we hope to see you in person here soon, details on our location here):