About Every Dog Matters (EU):

The beautiful Pelyo, extraordinary shelter dog.
“In my opinion, the whole point of successful companies like WPX Hosting goes far far beyond creating great products with great support.

Successful companies should ALSO make a MASSIVE impact on a specific problem in the world – not just with donations but serious, direct, hands-on, long-term management commitment – with such fierce determination, resources and resilience that ELIMINATES that problem forever.

For WPX Hosting, that is hugely improving the lives of shelter, homeless and disabled dogs and cats (next year we will start rescuing abused horses and donkeys too + create a dedicated disabled no-cage dog ranch) in Eastern Europe including freeing them forever from horrific, tiny caged shelters where they are denied almost everything they need to feel well.”

Core Principles, Values & Goals:

As an organisation, Every Dog Matters (EU):

– regards every case, adoption, emergency, situation, meeting, partnership and program as ‘practice’ to continually improve our work in the future

– is ‘obsessed’ with (female dog) castration programs i.e. the best way to save a dog is to stop it being born in the first place – an unwanted dog can have a terrible life

– believes that no animal or category of animal, e.g. pit bulls, ex-fighting dogs, disabled dogs, very old dogs, epileptic dogs or blind dogs, is ever refused help

– understands that when an animal is in trouble, we will act

– will ensure that the WPX Park 1 no-cage shelter is not meant to be a forever home for a dog/cat but if it turns out to be, its a pretty great place to live

– knows that the animal is the main stakeholder in everything we do i.e. the best outcome for the animal is the priority, not money

– understands that our work is bigger than any person or organisation we try to work with, should there be disputes or conflict 

– fully realises that professionalism, integrity, honesty, hard work, communication and discretion are essential

– knows that we are never overwhelmed by horrible incidents, burnout, our mission or the human stupidity, corruption or shocking cruelty we often encounter

– thinks in every situation, ‘what more can we do to help this animal?’

– recognises that our starting point for thinking about any initiative is the desired end goal, not the cost

– understands that our shelters must be model examples of professionalism, organisation, animal care, cleanliness, maintenance, routine, hard work, efficiency, teamwork and good staff relations

– accepts that in our shelters, no animal group is neglected e.g. old dogs, aggressive dogs, pit bulls, puppies, disabled blind dogs etc

– all our wisdom, discoveries, practices and strategies are openly shared with the world on this website for others to use

To contact the EveryDogMatters.eu team at WPX Hosting or reach Terry Kyle for interviews etc, please email via contact@everydogmatters.eu