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By area (25,000 m2), the main site of Every Dog Matters near Sofia is the largest no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Bulgaria, possibly Eastern Europe.

Apart from a couple of temporary yards, our smallest yards range from 400 m2 to 600 m2. Our main yards range from 1,600 m2 to 2,000 m2.

As a nonprofit foundation, our whole philosophy is centred on large, no-cage open-yard environments and not tiny, medieval cages that deny almost everything a dog needs for a healthy existence. Our dogs are walked often in the surrounding farmland and get plenty of loving human attention from the Every Dog Matters’ Dog Rescue Heroes i.e. our staff.

Many of the beautiful dogs below have suffered shocking cruelty, abuse or abandonment but in our sanctuary, they have blossomed and are thriving extremely well. To meet them, you would think that they are perfectly happy, social dogs who have enjoyed a good life. Sadly no, but they have bounced back with astonishing resilience and now just need a loving forever home with a caring human being, possibly you.

We are very experienced in humanely transporting dogs from Bulgaria to Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland and we ensure that all legal documentation, vaccinations, passport and chip are in order for travelling in the least stressful way for the dogs, who we always ensure are in a healthy state before travelling.

Usually our dogs over 6 months of age have been castrated and given all normal vaccinations and deworming treatments.

If you wish to learn more about any of our great dogs below, inquire about adopting one or wish to make a financial contribution to our work, please email via contact@everydogmatters.eu


(3-legged male)



(female, Gabby’s best friend)

(female, Cherna’s best friend)


(female, German Shepherd mix)




(female, Daschund mix)







(female, pics soon)

(big cuddly teddy bear)

Barry (castrated male) is a lovable 1 to 2 year old who adores people and big bear hugs. He has plenty of energy and likes to jump up on people with his considerable weight.

He currently lives in a yard with 7 other dogs (Marty, Victor and Betty below are in his 2,000 m2 yard) and Barry gets along well with them. It is unknown if he will get along with cats but the first month of close supervision and strict enforcement of a ‘no excitement around the cat/s’ rule should be in place, if you have a cat at home.

Barry was previously a government shelter dog who was dumped in a big city park (though illegal, municipality shelters regularly do that when they are full).

He will need big walks and plenty of exercise to calm his natural enthusiasm.

Approximate age: 1-2 years.

(very loving 3-LEGGED DUDE)

Marty (castrated male) was a young homeless guy with a badly infected front leg and other medical problems when we first found him.

Regrettably, his infected leg had to be amputated but what Marty lacks in mobility, he makes up for with a happy abundance of love for people.

Dogs with an amputated back leg can move much more easily than with a front leg amputation as they put most of their weight on their front legs when moving. Marty has had a front leg amputation.

Marty can’t move that quickly but is playful, loving and in perfect health now.

Previously Marty had parvovirus but has been treated and fully recovered.

Approximate age: 1-2 years.

(serious face but very affectionate)

Victor (castrated male) was a homeless young dog in the city of Samokov, infamous in Bulgaria for its cruelty to animals.

What made it worse for Victor as a homeless dog was that he had a broken front leg, probably from a collision with a car.

Following surgery and recovery, he has fully recovered from his broken leg and once he gets over some initial shyness with a new person, he’s a big softie for human affection and can’t get enough of it.

Don’t let Victor’s very serious face fool you, he adores people and wants to be patted all day long!

Approximate age: 2-3 years.

(total sweetheart)

We found Betty (castrated female) in a badly-underfunded government shelter on the other side of the country, along with Eliza who you can see below.

She was very malnourished and terrified of people when we first saw her.

However, within a couple of weeks at our sanctuary, Betty put on plenty of weight and found a new confidence in approaching people, even new people.

She is a lovely older lady, extremely sweet, calm and friendly with other dogs – the perfect pet in other words!

Betty had a venereal tumor but was operated on and has fully recovered.

Approximate age: 8-9 years.

(adores people)

Like her best friend Gabby below, Cherna’s owner died when she was a very young puppy.

Extremely social and friendly, the 1 year old Cherna loves human attention and hasn’t yet found her forever home.

Approximate age: 1 year old.

(cherna's best pal)

8 month old Gabby was rescued with Cherna (above) when her owner died.

Gabby is extremely social and loves human company and play. 

This wonderful girl is waiting for her forever home.

Approximate age: under 1 year old.

(loves all people)

Rescued from a hostile village where we assume she was repeatedly kicked by vicious locals, Dana had to recover from a leg fracture and complicated operation after we rescued her.

Despite that, the young Dana (about 8 months old) loves nothing more than long cuddles with people and will make a wonderful companion.

Approximate age: under 1 year old.

(german shepherd mix)

Jessie lived most of her life on a short chain.

When she developed a skin condition, her owner didn’t want to pay for her treatment and abandoned her.

Following her rescue, Jessie (7-8 years old) was properly treated for her skin condition and made a full recovery.

Despite being a German Shepherd mix, there is no trace of aggression in Jessie, towards new people or other dogs. She just wants to please people and enjoy walks together.

Approximate age: 7-8 years old.

(enthusiastic to please)

Terri, Dobrinka (below) and Godiva came to us when their owner died and there was nobody to take care of them.

Terri is a very enthusiastic and energetic boy with a lot of love to give to the right owner.

We are currently treating Terri for heartworm and any adopter will need to continue that treatment.

Approximate age: 5-6 years old.

(very cuddly)

Like Terri and Godiva, Dobrinka was rescued by Every Dog Matters when her owner died and nobody was left to take care of her.

Just like Terri and Godiva, Dobrinka is full of love for people and will make a wonderful pet.

Approximate age: 5-6 years old.

(sweet old girl)

Godiva is more reserved than her half sisters, Terri and Dobrinka (above) but loves people just as much and after a little initial shyness with new people, she is very loving.

When their owner died, Godiva, Dobrinka and Terri came to Every Dog Matters where they enjoy a 630 m2 yard together, just the 3 of them.

We are currently treating Godiva for heartworm and any adopter will need to continue that treatment.

Approximate age: 7-8 years old.

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(shooting victim but still loves people)

Shara and Lisa (below) were the victims of a cruel shooting that killed two other friendly dogs that lived with them on the streets in an animal-hating Bulgarian village.

In Shara’s photos, you can see a bullet wound in her face and she has another bullet in her body which is not life threatening.

Roughly 1 year old Shara is great on a leash and loves human company.

Approximate age: 1 year old.

little ELIZA
(loves nothing more cuddles)

Like Betty above, Eliza was rescued from a terribly under-funded government shelter on the other side of Bulgaria.

Too many puppies and not enough food or human affection in her previous life, Eliza (castrated now) shares a big open yard with Jumpa and sometimes Dana in our our sanctuary.

Perfectly behaved on a walk, Eliza loves human affection and her small size also makes her easy to manage.

Approximate age: 6-7 years old.

(shara's best friend, loves patting)

Along with Shara (above), young Lisa survived a shooting attack which killed two of their friends.

She is now safely enjoying a large yard with Shara here but Lisa will need time to get used to walking on a leash, which she is still fearful about.

Like Shara, Lisa adores human affection and will make a great pet.

Approximate age: under 1 year old.

little nada
(her owner died, very sweet dog)

Small in size but with large on love, Nada came to us when her owner died.

Her small height, extremely friendly nature and social character will make her very easy to manage as a pet.

Approximate age: 5 years old.

(naturally friendly)

Belcho used to live in one of the worst municipality shelters in Bulgaria in a small single cage.

Since coming to us where he can roam in large yards and get regular affection, he has blossomed and loves human company now.

Belcho is a bigger dog but very easy to handle and social with people.

He has a cataract in one eye so doesn’t see well with that eye.

Approximate age: 7-8 years old.

(a.k.a. our george clooney)

Ducky lived most of his life in Bulgaria’s largest dog shelter, 1,500+ dogs, and sadly, he lived alone in a single cage for all that time.

For the last 2 years at that shelter, he was walked most Sundays there by the founder of Every Dog Matters, Terry Kyle, before he was rescued and brought to our open yard, no-cage sanctuary.

He is a very friendly, social old guy loving his new life in our large open yards and regular walks with Terry.

We are currently treating Ducky for heartworm and any adopter will need to continue that treatment.

Approximate age: 10-11 years old.

Please help us to find more loving forever homes for our wonderful rescue dogs with a quick social share:

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