My Name Is 'Reggie': Please Adopt Me

My name is Reggie and I lived in Bulgaria’s largest caged dog shelter with over 1,500 other shelter dogs.

Diagnosis: By herself, Reggie is destined to seek the truth of people in the darkest part of loneliness. After a year spent at the shelter, the dog with a sweet face and sad eyes lives unobtrusive and inconspicuous life. Even when the bed, it does so to occupy a small place and hide every paw, everything under your body, so as not to interfere, so as not to cause the conflict Least vulnerable. Do not seek food – there has never been only for it; does not annoy; Does not expect anyone to caress or summon it; No claim where to sleep because she did not know even parquetand tiles; Does not mark the dog in order not to occupy foreign territory; does not know who and what it needs. She forgot about the joy, because being happy in solitude is sad.Her Lifewas--what's left and if there is. And if you can forgive her that she is still a little more on the occasion, she will give you her dear and good soul – the most precious and the only thing she has.And the dogs cured loneliness.... That's what they say. We are looking for Reggie a responsible, kind and loving person to love her real, to brighten her soul, to earn her trust, to turn her tail, to provoke her smile, and to tell her often: I LOVE YOU, friend. Forever!

30 minutes of attention and Reggie starts smiling, Reggie’s not aggressive.One year she hasn’t changed her location, she lives in a hotel where she sees a few people.She is stressed out from her residence at the shelter quickly if a person is calm, patient and likes to caress and hug dogs.Reggie can be truthful and faithful if he finds the one who understands his deep hidden character.It is not given to testy, nervous, noisy, and erratic people.Good luck, my dear Reggie!


Like all of the other dogs coming from a shelter, I will need PATIENT socialisation with other dogs so if you are a patient person, we should get along brilliantly.

I have plenty of energy so I am best suited to an active owner who loves to go out on plenty of walks, runs or biking.

IMPORTANT: I am probably too big and enthusiastic for a family with young children.

IMPORTANT: I am also far too friendly to be of any use as a guard dog.

I am about 2 years old, 62cm high at the shoulder (see pics below), weigh roughly 45-ish kilograms, live in New Single Cage #29 at the shelter and my ear tag ID # is 17414.

GENDERCastrated Female
AGE (approximate)3-4 years old
COMPATIBLE WITH PEOPLE?Yes, when she got to know them.

If you would like to adopt me, please contact for more information.

Here is a video and more pictures of me with one of my shelter volunteer buddies in Sofia, Bulgaria:

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If you would like to adopt me, please contact for more information.