APRIL 2020

Bobby - a stray rescued from South Park

Bobby is a loving stray that EDM found wandering South Park one day, and decided to rescue him and help him find a new home. He is a sociable and playful young male dog, and he has been taken to a dog hotel temporarily while we find him a new home.

Chochko - another stray from South Park

Chochko is another stray that has been found in South Park. EDM found him a temporary foster home, brought him to a vet clinic and covered the costs of vaccinating and neutering him. He is a sweet boy and is looking for a new home.

Victor from Samokov - funding two operations of a stray

Victor is a sweet stray found in Samokov. One of his legs was in bad condition, and EDM heard about his story and wanted to help him. Victor was taken to a clinic and had to have a very difficult operation done to remove his elbow joint. EDM covered the costs for two operations, as well as his clinic stay, and he is now recovering at a foster home.

Berta from Kardzhali

Berta is a stray from Kardzhali who has gone through a lot. She was found in the city streets October 2019 by people, who saw she was in pain and took her to the clinic. It was discovered that she had vaginal tumor, and she bravely had to undergo surgery, as well as two courses of chemotherapy, a birth, and a castration on top of that. However, there was no one to take care of her and support, and she had been taken back to the streets. After hearing about her story, the EDM foundation decided to help her, take her in and take care of her while she searches for a new home. Berta is a sweet dog who deserves a chance for happiness, and we hope she finds that in a new home.

We're helping disabled dogs

EDM has been supporting a foster home for disabled dogs by helping out with monthly donations of 500 leva. This foster home provides shelter for over 20 dogs who are handicapped or disabled, and who face challenges that require special care. The two dogs shown in the picture cannot move their back paws because they’re paralyzed.

Neutering of 4 stray cats

EDM received a signal for 4 stray cats, two males, and two females which were pregnant, and organized the neutering of said cats, after which they were released back to the places where they were captured.

Ongoing feedings of Kremikovtsi strays every Tuesday and Thursday

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been feeding and supplying the food for over 100 stray dogs in Kremikovtsi, an old industrial enterprise, and the nearby village Botunets. The strays have been living on the terrritory of the abandoned combinate ever since it closed in 2009, and EDM has been making sure the dogs living there are fed and taken care of since November 2016.

Ongoing funding and support for Veliki Preslav shelter

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been funding and supporting financially the Veliki Preslav private shelter since April 2019.