The Tsatsarovci project - 9 puppies, 40 dogs and 20 cats

We were contacted by a very nice and poor man whose brother died and left nearly 20 almost wild non-neutered cats, 4 adult non-neutered dogs and 9 puppies. This nice person moved into the old derelict house of his dead brother in order to take care of the animals and asked us for help.

So far we’ve managed to neuter two of them, dewormed all, thanks to donations from Stefanie and Elias Wittig we provided them with food, and the puppies – with toys. 

All are dewormed and vaccinated. That place is a two hour drive away from us and we drove every so often to provide them with all that is needed, fence an outside area for the puppies, take Jivko to a clinic and bring our brilliant photographer in the end to shoot professional photos of all of then in order to find them lovely new homes in Germany.

That's the ill Jivko who was brought to a clinic, recovered and is now back with the gang. We're looking for a nice home for him in Germany. He was born without a left front paw. Such a nice buddy.

A well organized photo session with our professional photographer Kami!

Raya the chihuahua with heart problems and three tiny puppies

Raya is a beautiful young lady that was taken from a municipality shelter due to suspicions that she has heart problems. She was taken into the care of a foster home, but it was soon discovered that she is pregnant and had actually given birth to three tiny puppies when no one noticed!

Raya’s health issues are serious, however, she currently cannot get any treatment because she has to take care and provide milk for her babies, and if any medicine is given to her, it could get in the way of that. We are all praying for Raya and her puppies, and are hoping that she recovers soon and lives long enough to see her babies grow up!

Kennel cough spread in foster home

These two buddies were rescued from a municipality back in June and taken into foster care until they find lovely new homes in Germany. However, they caught the highly contagious kennel cough. They were immediately taken to a veterinary clinic and started on some treatment, and all their siblings were given immunostimulants as well to help their immune system in case the disease spreads to them as well. 8 more dogs in the foster home caught the kennel cough despite our best efforts to prevent it, however they are all getting better and are becoming healthier by the day!