How To Donate To Every Dog Matters (EU)

Every Dog Matters (reg # 205679614) is a non-profit NGO founded by expat Australian Terry Kyle with the main ambition of transforming the miserable lives of thousands of unwanted shelter, homeless and disabled dogs (and cats too!) across Eastern Europe.

All these wonderful animals need is a chance at a loving, forever home and with your financial support, we can give them that:

You can read about the current projects of Every Dog Matters here and the values of Terry’s organisation here

Here is a quick list of our main current activities:

  • Rescuing desperate, at-risk animals e.g. threatened to be poisoned, orphan homeless puppies, emergency tumour removal, pet dogs abandoned by their owners
  • Organising animal adoptions from Eastern Europe to loving, forever homes in Western Europe
  • Fully funding emergency medical care for dogs in crises e.g. dogs hit by cars
  • Building open no-cage shelters & foster homes, educating others on how to do that
  • Castrating dogs & cats across the country
  • Leading education campaigns to help animals e.g. why castration matters, don’t get a dog to put on a chain forever
  • Working to change local animal laws
  • Rebuilding broken facilities in animal shelters
  • Building new facilities in city parks for dogs
  • Fully funding and improving animal shelters
  • Caring for many hundreds of homeless dogs since 2016 (food, medical care, castrations, adoption)
  • Promoting dog-friendly offices across the country, like the dog-friendly WPX/Every Dog Matters combined office

Though Terry’s company, WPX Hosting, funds most of the budget of Every Dog Matters (EU), the massive scale of the shelter/homeless/disabled dog problem is such that your one-off or monthly subscription donation is very very welcome.

Your donation directly helps us free more dogs from the lifelong misery of imprisonment in a wretched shelter like this, the normal way of housing unwanted dogs in Eastern Europe – these dogs are lucky if they get one 20-minute walk a month with a volunteer, some never get any time out of their tiny cages, ever:

and your donation also helps us to help dogs like old Sara, a homeless dog hit by a car:

To leave a one-off or monthly subscription donation via PayPal, please click here:

You Can Also Make A Will Bequest:

Every Dog Matters (EU) is Terry Kyle’s legally registered non-profit organisation (#205679614) whose values and goals are listed here.

To leave a will bequest and help us continue to save dogs and cats from desperate situations and free them all from awful, horribly overcrowded old-school shelters like this:

please consult your lawyer or solicitor and also discuss that this would (probably) be a will bequest to a non-profit NGO in another country, Every Dog Matters (EU).

If you need further help, please get in touch via contact@everydogmatters.eu for more information.

Thank you in advance for helping.

Terry Kyle
CEO, WPX Hosting
Every Dog Matters (EU)