how to donate to every dog matters (eu)

and forever change the lives of sweet, brilliant animals like these
(by area, we are the largest no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Bulgaria: 25,000 m2)

Every Dog Matters founder Terry Kyle, with two of his freed rescue buddies, Ducky (left) and Sam (right),
who spent most of their lives in a tiny shelter cage. Sam is now in a loving family home in Netherlands,
Ducky roams free and is very happy on our large no-cage acreage.

Every Dog Matters (reg. # 205679614) is a non-profit NGO founded by expat Australian Terry Kyle with the main ambition of transforming the miserable lives of thousands of unwanted shelter, homeless and disabled dogs (and cats too!) across Eastern Europe.

From 2021 onwards, we will also start rescuing donkeys and horses from horrific human cruelty here and they will live out their lives peacefully on our large open acreage sites.

All these wonderful animals in Eastern Europe need is a chance at a loving, forever home and with your financial support, we can give them that, and many thousands more like them.

You can read about the broad scale of our activities and organisational values/goals here.


Please help us to help many more dogs with desperate medical emergencies like homeless Jack above.