Ongoing feedings of the stray dogs from Kremikovtsi every Tuesday and Thursday

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been feeding and supplying the food for over 100 stray dogs in Kremikovtsi, an old industrial enterprise, and the nearby village Botunets. The strays have been living on the terrritory of the abandoned combinate ever since it closed in 2009, and EDM has been making sure the dogs living there are fed and taken care of since November 2016.

Ongoing funding and support for the Veliki Preslav shelter

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been funding and supporting financially the Veliki Preslav private shelter since April 2019.

Kremikovtsi dog Pesho and his road to recovery from heart worm disease

Pesho has lived in Kremikovtsi all his life, and during the EDM feedings, we noticed he was acting unusual – curled up in a ball, unwilling to eat for days at a time. We took him to the vet and found that he had a lot of health problems, the biggest of which was his heart worm disease, which was discovered after multiple tests and examinations. Pesho is currently residing in a foster home and taking antibiotics. Although he is still scared of the world, he seems to be feeling better. He has been eating again, and has recovered from the stress caused by moving around and trips to veterinary clinics. Hopefully he can live out a long happy life, in peace.

Poor Kremikovtsi stray brutally attacked by other dogs

We had been alerted by one of the locals in Kremikovtsi, that an old dog was found to be brutally attacked and covered in blood and our team hurried to the rescue. She was terrified, and she could barely move at all, so we had no trouble taking her in and driving her to a clinic as fast as possible. However, despite a long night of battling for her life, the vets couldn’t save her. May she be in a better place now.

Taking 10 rescued puppies from Kremikovtsi to a foster home

Earlier this year in January, the EDM had found 10 sick puppies in Kremikovtsi, and took them to the vet. After spending some time in the clinic, they recovered from the giardia illness and have been taken to a foster home, and hopefully soon they’ll be able to find a forever home too!

Buying Drontal medicine to protect against worms for foster home with over 80 dogs

EDM donated 314 leva worth of Drontal tablets for a foster home with over 80 strays, to protect them against worms.