How Can You Or Your Company/Organisation Help?

Every Dog Matters EU (a registered nonprofit NGO, Reg. 205679614) was founded in 2018 by Australian entrepreneur, Terry Kyle, co-founder and CEO of WPX.net, with the vision to completely and permanently transform animal welfare in Bulgaria particularly, and Eastern Europe generally.

To achieve this, we need your help. 

Here is a recent media report on our first no-cage, open yard sanctuary site in Kostinbrod, 20 km from Sofia (site under re-construction):

By area, our Kostinbrod site is the largest no-cage, open-yard animal sanctuary in Bulgaria and possibly Eastern Europe (25,000 m2).

Apart from rehoming our dogs in loving, forever homes, ongoing castration projects and education campaigns about positive ways to treat animals, Every Dog Matters EU’s site at Kostinbrod is a prototype model for the future of all animal shelters everywhere.

Dogs in tiny ‘prison cells’ like the ones below for life are deprived of everything they need for an emotionally and physically healthy life – this is the ‘normal’ practice that we are working to end forever:

Every Dog Matters EU is committed to ending this barbaric practice forever, not just in Bulgaria, through the positive role model of no-cage, open yard animal sanctuaries. The black dog above, Ducky, is now enjoying his retirement in our largest Kostinbrod yard: 2,000 m2.

How Our Sanctuary Is Different?

Our first sanctuary site at Kostinbrod is very different from so-called ‘normal’ animal shelters in Bulgaria (and many Western countries) which are only organised for human convenience, regardless of the shocking consequences for the animals.

Instead, all our sanctuary dogs:

– live in large open yards ranging in size from 400 m2 to 2,000 m2 (we are currently building new yards for single dogs with behavioural issues, they are 250 m2 each, old-school shelters give them 5 m2 or less)
– receive high quality food (whereas most shelters feed animals only the cheapest possible food, making them sick)
– get a lot of human attention + very regular walks in the surrounding farmland (all dogs isolated for safety from other dogs are walked at least once a day)
– are given full preventive medication for heartworm + vaccinations, like normal pet dogs

Our no-cage, open-yard sanctuary is not meant to be the forever home for any of our dogs but if that turns out to be the case, it is still the best possible option for them.

Ways To Help Us?

You or your company/organisation can really help in one or more different ways:

– advising us on how to be included in your company’s list of approved charities for support
– direct financial support to help us continue and expand our work (details here)
– promoting our sanctuary as a volunteering or teambuilding option within your company for dog walking/patting, construction and/or cleaning work at our site
– sponsoring specific projects within our sanctuary site e.g. new yards, roofs, kennels, fencing, medical equipment, appliances
– sharing expertise useful for our work e.g. solar power, sewerage, construction, air conditioning maintenance, landscaping

For more information or to arrange a meeting with Founder Terry Kyle, please let us know via contact@everydogmatters.eu

Any help that you can offer will make a big difference to our mission in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Many thanks in advance!