JULY 2020

Marty from Kremikovtsi - parvovirus and an injured leg

We received a signal for sick dog that hasn’t been eating with an injured paw in the village of Kremikovtsi. The dog, now named Marty, was tranquilized with the help of a dog hunter and taken to a clinic right away. Sadly, it turned out that Marty not only had the highly contagious parvovirus, but the nerve endings of his front leg were also dead. Hence, after Marty recovers from the parvovirus, his leg will have to be amputated. Hang in there, Marty! 

Dani - a new dog with a new look

Dani, a dog from one of our foster homes, was in desperate need of a haircut. He had long beautiful locks, but they were very matted and in this scorching heat, we thought he would probably feel better with all that hair off of him too. He was resistant to the idea at first, but with the help of the professionals at the veterinary clinic, Dani is now a new dog and we think he looks great!

Lisbeth - almost home with her new family

Sweet Lisbeth was found in Haskovo around a month ago, after a signal was received on Facebook. She is the mother of two puppies, and despite how young she looks, she is over 10 years of age, so she wears her years quite well! Lizzy sadly has poor vision and it was discovered that she has cataracts. She has to have operation on her eyes, but after that a wonderful life awaits her – her family is already waiting for her in Germany!

Mariyka - fractured leg

Mariyka was rescued with a badly fractured leg, and has evidently been through a lot so far in her life. Despite that, she is one of the sweetest, most affectionate dogs we have come across, and her pleading eyes are almost impossible to resist! After a trip to the vet, it was discovered that her leg cannot be saved and has to be amputated. She is in otherwise good health and due to her tiny stature will be able to recover and adapt to the change quickly, and live out a happy life on three legs!

Rescuing Toivo from Kremikovtsi - an old dog with a terrible skin condition

We have encountered Toivo during our usual feedings in Kremikovtsi and he was in incredibly bad shape. He is very old and has a severe skin condition. Since Toivo has lived in Kremikovtsi all his life, it was hard to catch him in order for him to get treatment, but with the help of a skilled dog hunter, we were able to tranquilize him and get a hold of him! He is now in good hands at a veterinary clinic and will hopefully recover soon!

Parvovirus outbreak among puppies in a foster home

Rudy, the sweet small black pup was able to fight through the parvovirus successfully. Rodrigues however, had a very severe form of parvovirus and was not able to live through, as well as another one of his brothers. Hopefully their brothers and sisters living at the foster home will be strong enough to get through this tough time.

Cat neutering programme - every cat matters too!

Despite what the name of the foundation might lead you to think, we help out cats too! EDM responded to a signal of a stray female cat in need of neutering, successfully caught her using a cat trap, and returned her to her family of kittens afterwards.

Raya - rescued off the streets of Sofia with mange

EDM responded to a signal of a stray wandering the streets of Sofia, near NDK, and after multiple attempts to catch the poor dog, we got ahold of her thanks to the many people involved and who were willing to help. It was discovered that Raya had a severe form of mange, and she is currently recovering at a clinic. The good news is that she has already found loving new owners who visit her often, so hopefully she recovers soon and is able to start a happy new life with them!