JUNE 2019

Renovation of the Veliki Preslav shelter and building cat houses

In the period between May and June 2019, the Every Dog Matters Foundation supported the Veliki Preslav private shelter by doing a renovation and building two cat houses, and has been providing ongoing financial support for the shelter since April 2019.

Renovation and building of outer facilities in Slatina shelter

The Every Dog Matters foundation funded and organized renovations in the Slatina municipality shelter, as well as building new outer facilities for the dogs there.

Buying a car for the foundation

EDM bought a car for use by the foundation employees.

Objection to the law for putting muzzles on dogs

Objection to the law for putting muzzles on aggressive dogs via our lawyer in the Parliament. The law dictated that muzzles should be put on aggressive dogs whenever they are outside, as well as other substantial changes of the same law.

Covering costs for operation of a cat

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has covered the costs for an operation of a cat from a foster home camp.

Negotiations with mayor of Dupnitsa

The Every Dog Matters Foundation had a meeting with the mayor of Dupnitsa to discuss a Traces (a system for transporting dogs abroad) registration for the shelter and an offer of cooperation. The offer was sadly met with refusal due to an insufficient budget of the municipality.

Buying heartworm medication for dogs

The Every Dog Matters Foundation bought 1000 leva worth of heartworm medication for dogs.

Ongoing feedings of the stray dogs from Kremikovtsi every Tuesday and Thursday

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been feeding and supplying the food for over 100 stray dogs in Kremikovtsi, an old industrial enterprise, and the nearby village Botunets. The strays have been living on the terrritory of the abandoned combinate ever since it closed in 2009, and EDM has been making sure the dogs living there are fed and taken care of since November 2016.