JUNE 2020

Logistics for dog transports to the Netherlands

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been helping organize transports of dogs from Bulgaria to the Netherlands – preparing the necessary documents and checking on the dogs prior to their leaving.

Helping Miro recover and preparing him for operation

Miro’s journey has been long and hard. He has undergone one operation on his front leg already, but in order to walk normally again, he needs a second one. Multiple wounds were discovered on his leg and he needs to recover and let them heal first, before undergoing surgery again. He requires special needs and it has been hard to find a foster home able to tend to him, but Miro is now being taken care of, and hopefully will be able to have surgery and walk again soon.

Photo sessions for dogs from foster homes and from two different shelters (Bogrov, Seslavtsi)

The Every Dog Matters Foundation organized a photoshoot for dogs from Bogrov and Seslavtsi municipality shelters, as well as different foster homes, hoping to increase their chances of adoption.

Castration of stray dogs near Pchelina dam

EDM has received signals for multiple dogs in need of being castrated in a village near Pchelina dam. The foundation has organized and financed the castration of one of the dogs there so far, and the dog has subsequently been released back where it has been found.

Rescuing 17 puppies and their 2 moms from municipality shelter

EDM has transported 17 puppies with their 2 mothers from a municipality shelter where they would have had no chance of surviving. The dogs are now all at a foster home, and have been dewormed and vaccinated. Hopefully they will all find wonderful new forever homes soon!