MAY 2020

Neutering & return of 5 wild dogs near Pchelina dam

The EDM foundation was asked to help with the castration of 5 strays living in a village near Pchelina dam. The dogs had not been socialized, and were very hard to capture, therefore they had to be tranquilized. After being taken to a clinic and castrated, they were returned to the place where they were captured.

Feedings of over 100 stray dogs in the old combinate Kremikovtsi - every Tuesday and Thursday

The EDM foundation has been handling the feedings of over 100 stray dogs in Kremikovtsi, an old desolate combinate, and the nearby village Botunets. The dogs are fed three times a week, with the EDM team visiting every Tuesday and Thursday. EDM has been making sure the dogs living there are fed and taken care of since November 2016.

Financial support of the Veliki Preslav shelter

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been funding and supporting financially the Veliki Preslav private shelter since April 2019, including a 2020 spring neutering programme.

Capturing and neutering an abandoned pitbull

The EDM team received a signal for an abandoned pitbull, and with the assistance of a hunter, we tranquilized and took the dog to the Vrubnitsa clinic to be neutered.

Treating Kremikovtsi dogs against parasites

The Every Dog Matters Foundation, along with the BG Fedaration for Animal Protection “We are all equal”, managed to deworm and treat against parasites the 100 stray dogs scattered across the old deserted combinate Kremikovtsi, and its surroundings.

Support for the Seslavtsi municipality shelter

The EDM foundation supports the Seslavtsi municipality shelter by donating food for the puppies there every month. 

Photography sessions for Seslavtsi shelter dogs

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has hired a professional photographer and organized a session for the Seslavtsi municipality shelter dogs, to make sure they all find wonderful new homes in Germany.

Logistics for dog transports to Germany and Netherlands

EDM has been helping organize the logistics for dog transports in Germany – picking up dog passports and bringing them to be approved at the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety.