Work in animal welfare is very challenging and our ongoing goal to provide the best possible care for our beloved doggy guests would be impossible without our heroic staff.

Let’s meet them!


Guen is our administrator, our Italian tornado!

Guen comes from Genoa. She has graduated biotechnologies and apart from dogs she loves science and order. As an administrator, Guen is our meticulous database keeper. 

She ensures we have everything necessary for the work process to go smoothly such as accompanying our dogs who need special vet procedures. 

Guen keeps in touch with and organizes the stay of all the foreign volunteers who come to help us long term. 

She is the big warm smile greeting you and showing you around if you visit to walk a dog. This is just a small snapshot of her ever-growing list of tasks.

“My goal is to help as many living beings as possible – from human to animal. From a scientific point of view I really like the balance of and within nature. 

When I moved to Bulgaria I realized the another side of the power within humans – the bad things a human can do. 

Facing the general bad treatment of animals here and how little they are valued I decided to dedicate my full time and effort to the cause of changing both the perception and treatment of animals. If we each make a small change, we can move much further and solve the issue of animal cruelty and stray dogs. 

At Every Dog Matters, I found a cause I support as we share the same values. The first time I saw how happy a dog is after spending time together, but also how happy I was and then seeing the dog leave to a loving forever home – priceless. 

I have a weakness for senior dogs because with the time they have left you can either improve it now or they will be gone without knowing how much better life could be. 

I know I can’t help them all, but I see how much every single dog is deserving a happy end. Really, every dog matters.”


Kali is always in good mood and full of energy. 

Her wide smile is our dose of positivism even in the moments when we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Kali takes care of our dogs with a lot of love and attention. 

You can hear her from far how she greets every single dog during feeding. 

And, when she takes care of the babies in the quarantines, you can hear her singing to them.

“Here is the place where I completely detach from the daily tension, stress and boredom. Here I am energetic, patient, calm, smiling, loved and humbled. And this is so because here are my favorite furry therapists who give me so much love, I adore them. To support a cause for me is priceless and I feel blessed.”


Don’t let her frail appearance fool you – she’s a perperuum mobile. 

Betty assigns tasks to each member of the team, makes sure that each therapy dog’s medication is prepared and properly dispensed, cares for dogs recovering from surgery, and feeds the dogs. 

Betty works closely with our dog socializer on our most difficult cases.

Her smile lights up our entire shelter. We all get a kick out of her energy, especially when she’s beaming with happiness after taking yet another step forward in the socialization of a highly stressed dog.

“I got through the most difficult years of my life with the help of my dog, he was my support. A little over a year ago he died, I have never cried so much in my life as for him. 

This motivated me to look for a way to help animals that can be that support for other people and that’s when I came across the Every Dog Matters cause. 

Yes, the transition between a corporate work environment and daily physical labor was not easy, but I have never felt more satisfaction in my life from my work. 

It is invaluable to be the person to show them that humans are not bad and that they are loved. 

It is priceless to be the person who supports these wonderful animals until they find their home.”


Dr. Ilieva has been with us since our very beginning and you have read many times about our difficult cases that ended with a happy ending thanks to her dedication and care.

Dr. Polina Ilieva graduated in veterinary medicine at the Thracian University and has over ten years of experience.

“My practice as a veterinarian started at ARS, where I came across quite by accident. Only after a few days I realized that this is not a job, but a vocation. 

I fight for each of the animals as I would fight for my own. I worked there for many years, some of them as the chief physician”, says Dr. Ilieva.

“For me, Every Dog Matters is not just a job, the shelter is my home!” she continues.

And we are extremely happy that it is she who heads this veterinary clinic that we have dreamed of for so long! Although small, our outpatient clinic is fully equipped and ready to welcome new patients for preventive examinations, procedures, primary examinations and consultations, as well as for soft tissue surgery.

We accept patients with a pre-booked appointment at tel. 0877902500 or at

Our clinic is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00! 

We are expecting you!


Ivanka mastered in Photography and Visual Arts. Her creativity shines through daily as one of her main tasks is problem solving. 

She also runs the fundraising, partnerships, adoptions and new entries, social media, the team and being a professional photographer, she takes the photos of our wonderful dogs.

“When I first moved to Bulgaria five years ago, I was appalled by the abuse, the neglect, the downright irresponsibility and apathy towards animals here. 

Daily my heart was wounded by these actions and I wanted to either curl up and cry or run to somewhere where such abuse wasn’t so prevalent. I couldn’t do that though. 

I spent many evenings on the terrace watching the sunset and thinking things through. 

Running would be easy, and change nothing. 


A small word, but it affects us all. We each have a voice and the ability to effect change. 

If we are conscious with our actions, if we act for the change we want to see, we can make it happen. 

I know I have strength to accompany my passion and love for the amazing creatures dogs are. I have the will and the ability to act for change. 

If I want to see change in society, I must step forward and work towards it instead of being a silent observer of society’s problems.

Running a dog shelter is a very tough and demanding job. And I have no day off. But it is also very rewarding and definitely worth it. 

Because every dog matters! ”


Terry is the Australian co-founder of, the major supporter of Every Dog Matters EU.

“Building a dog sanctuary with optimum care for every single one of our dogs is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life, but it is also the best thing I have ever done.

The most difficult part of the work is that we often have to refuse to take in extremely tragic cases as we are already way overfull with dogs and maintaining high level care for our current dogs must remain our top priority. 

On an hourly basis, we are approached to take in abused or abandoned dogs from all over Bulgaria, Kosovo, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus and beyond or to help struggling shelters in other parts of the world, most of which is simply impossible.

My ultimate goal is that the work of Every Dog Matters EU continues and expands long after I have passed away and will always help as many abused, abandoned and homeless animals as we can.”