NAME: Nada
SEX: Female
AGE: 6 years approximately
CHARACTER: Nada enjoys people very much and is generally social with other dogs. Her small size and affectionate character make her a very easy dog to manage.
HISTORY: Her owner who worked at the local Coca Cola plant died and there was nobody to take care of her.
MEDICAL: “Overstretched/torn ACL on hind left limb. Surgery needed” 29.07.2021- orthopedic surgery on hind left leg in MVC, torn ACL. Fully recovered.

You can apply to adopt Nada online in English here or Bulgarian here. If you have further questions about Nada or Every Dog Matters EU, please email via contact@everydogmatters.eu

Please also consider a Virtual Adoption of Nada for €20 a month – more information on Virtual Adoptions here.