Overtaking the organization of the feedings of the stray dogs in Kremikovtsi

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been feeding the Kremikovtsi stray dogs since 2016, however November 2019 our foundation took over the entire organization of the feedings, which includes feeding the dogs every Tuesday and Thursday, buying food for an additional feeding on Saturdays by a different organisation.

Preparing dossiers for the dogs at Veliki Preslav shelter

Apart from the ongoing financial support the Every Dog Matters Foundation provides to the Veliki Preslav shelter, our team assisted by preparing dossiers for all the dogs there – taking photos of them, gathering information, and helping them find owners more quickly.

5 day journey to different open cage shelters in Bulgaria

The Every Dog Matters team took a 5 day journey across 5 different open cage shelters in Bulgaria – Kazanluk shelter, Burgas shelter, Lucky Hunt shelter in Devnya, Dobrich shelter, and Veliki Preslav shelter. Our foundation’s goal is to build a shelter of our own, and in order to do so, we set out on this journey to do research on how it is exactly that shelters like this are run.

Food donation for Kazanluk shelter

The Every Dog Matters Foundation donated 678 leva worth of dog food to the Kazanluk municipality shelter.

Repairment project in Bogrov municipality shelter

The EDM foundation has assisted the Bogrov municipality shelter with repairment and renovation work.