9 day castration programme

The Every Dog Matters Foundation organized and funded three castration programmes, each lasting three days, for dogs from poor neighborhoods, people unable to afford the operation and/or from far away villages. We hired a man with a tranquilizing gun to help us capture some of the dogs, as well as a veterinary clinic to do the castrations in.

Ongoing funding of puppy food for Seslavtzi shelter

The EDM foundation has started ongoing funding for the Seslavtsi municipality shelter, donating puppy food each month.

Funding transport for 5 dogs

The Every Dog Matters Foundation funded a transport for 5 dogs to Germany, with a total cost of 1200 leva.

Hiring two employees

Two employees were hired for the foundation.

Ongoing feedings of Kremikovtsi strays every Tuesday and Thursday

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been feeding and supplying the food for over 100 stray dogs in Kremikovtsi, an old industrial enterprise, and the nearby village Botunets. The strays have been living on the terrritory of the abandoned combinate ever since it closed in 2009, and EDM has been making sure the dogs living there are fed and taken care of since November 2016.

Ongoing funding and support for Veliki Preslav shelter

The Every Dog Matters Foundation has been funding and supporting financially the Veliki Preslav private shelter since April 2019.