Vihren's broken leg operation

Vihren is one of nine little puppies born in a small village two hours drive from Sofia. EDM was asked to help there because apart from his mom and 8 siblings there were three more doggies and nearly twenty cats left alone after the death of their owner. After the older dogs were neutered and the smaller- dewormed, vaccinated and well cared for, we found Vihren one morning lying on one side with a swollen paw quietly whining…

We had to act quickly and took him to the veterinary clinic with which we work. Vihren was checked by their wonderful orthopedist doctor Voichev. 


It turned out that Vihren had a badly broken leg and had to be operated immediately in order him to walk again. We held our fingers crossed during the operation.

….on the next day we received a call from the clinic – Vihren was recovering well and could soon be brought home. We were told that he would be able to walk again most probably quite fast after the operation.

Soon our little guy was reunited with his siblings and felt quite well as you can see from the next picture. 

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