We need more volunteers!

Every Dog Matters is currently renovating a 25,000 m2 site around 25 minutes from Sofia – this will be a no-cage, open shelter, one of only 2 in Bulgaria and will have specialised areas for disabled dogs, elderly dogs, ‘aggressive’ dogs (in a rehabilitation program, if needed), puppies and typical lovable dogs (as are all dogs).

The site has been used as an illegal dumping ground for decades and though we have already removed a LOT of the rubbish from the site, there are still many fixups and general work needed on the site to get it into better shape for for our beloved doggies (see pictures below).

We will also need volunteers – any day of the week that suits you – to walk and love our dogs in the farmland around the site too please.

You can get in touch with us via a message on our Facebook page here – thank you in advance!