We need more volunteers!

Heroic volunteers are a vital part of the work of Every Dog Matters, home of the largest no-cage, open-yard dog sanctuary in Bulgaria (by area, 25,0000 m2).

Apart from a couple of small temporary yards, our smallest yards range from 400-600 m2 and our large yards are 2,000 m2.

The dogs are much happier for having that space.

We aspire to reach a point in the very near future where every dog in our sanctuary site is walked every single day, a million miles away from the current life of dogs in municipality shelters across Bulgaria who are rarely or never walked.

Volunteers are very welcome to help our work any day of the week after 10 a.m. by donating:

– time to pat or walk our wonderful doggies including many puppies
– old furniture like sofas or chairs for dogs to sleep on
– labour to help rebuild our semi-broken old agricultural site e.g. building, electrics, plumbing, roofing, painting etc
– blankets for our many puppies inside
– food and/or toys for the dogs

We also welcome companies or organisations looking for a teambuilding activity day or afternoon on our site.

You can get in touch with us via a message on our Facebook page here – thank you in advance!

Here is our location, at the end of the Kostinbrod industrial area (according to Google Maps – Kostinbrod 2230: 42.791621, 23.199174) and the last train stop BEFORE getting to Kostinbrod from Sofia is also quite close (station with the Djiev buildings):

This is the kind of volunteer experience you can expect with our brilliant doggies: