NAME: Ducky
SEX: Male
AGE: 10 years + 5 months
WEIGHT: 34 kg
CHARACTER: With his distinguished grey looks, Ducky is the ‘George Clooney’ of our sanctuary dogs. Despite his life, Ducky is sweet, calm, kind and undemanding – a perfect gentleman, enjoying his retirement years.
HISTORY: Ducky spent almost his entire life alone in a tiny cell in a municipality dog shelter until he met the Every Dog Matters’ founder who brought him to our largest dog yard, 2,000 m2, where he has lived for the last 2 years.
MEDICAL: Ducky has been dewormed, fully vaccinated and castrated. All our dogs are chipped and passport provided upon adoption.

You can apply to adopt Ducky online in English here or Bulgarian here. If you have further questions about Ducky or Every Dog Matters EU, please email via contact@everydogmatters.eu

Please also consider a Virtual Adoption of Ducky for €20 a month – more information on Virtual Adoptions here.