In groups of 4-6, create a marketing campaign to help dogs.

This campaign could include television ads, social media ads, YouTube videos, influencers, celebrities, street events – anything that you think will have the most impact.

Your budget is unlimited, as is your imagination.


1. Encourage people in Sofia to consider adopting a rescue (shelter) or homeless dog instead of buying an expensive breed dog.

2. Encourage Bulgarians to not get a dog and make it live on a short chain in their yard for its entire life as ‘security’ (this is a miserable life for a highly intelligent animal).

3. Encourage companies and organisations to make their offices dog-friendly and how it can be managed so that people who are afraid of dogs will still like the office environment.

4. Encourage people who are moving homes to not abandon their family pet on the street because the new apartment is rented and doesn’t allow pets.

5. Encourage people to volunteer at their local dog shelter and support their work.

At the end of your discussion time, you will present your concepts to the class and get feedback from Every Dog Matters staff.