NAME: Shushana
SEX: Female
AGE: 8 years
WEIGHT: 29 kg
CHARACTER: Shushana is a favourite of our staff with her calm, friendly, social manners. She never makes any trouble and loves human attention.
HISTORY: The owners of Sharo and Shushana became ill and were admitted to hospital and unable to care for them. They were also threatened with poisoning by neighbours.
MEDICAL: Shushana had advanced heartworm when we rescued her but she has recovered from treatment for that. She has chronic bronchitis which is incurable but this doesn’t affect her day-to-day behaviour too much (some occasional coughing). She is fully vaccinated and castrated. All our dogs are chipped and passport provided upon adoption.

You can apply to adopt Shushana online here. If you have further questions about Shushana or Every Dog Matters EU, please email via contact@everydogmatters.eu

Please also consider a Virtual Adoption of Shushana for €20 a month – more information on Virtual Adoptions here.